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There are currently around 8.6m people in London, an increase of 12% since 2001. This has led to a demand for more housing, higher population density and increased carbon emissions throughout the country’s capital. Meanwhile architects are exercised by the need for greener designs whilst complying with planning regulations preventing building on the green belt. Faced with similar challenges in Italy, Boeri Studio, developed the concept of Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) in an attempt to integrate urban landscaping with high-density residential development in city centres. The project, the first of its kind, is located in the Isola area of Milan’s Porta Nuova district and consists of two residential towers measuring 76 and 110 metres which between them are home to 900 trees and over 2000 plants. The project is one potential model for development schemes which will deurbanise the built environment and promote sustainable living though the creation of an urban ecosystem. The concept, now a reality since its inauguration in 2014, is yet to be proven as a long term solution to the manifold challenges associated with creating greener, healthier and more liveable urban spaces however it’s intriguing to think that the Bosco Verticale might provide a glimpse of how future residential developments in London will look.

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