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A Roman Christmas

Continuing our tradition of non-traditional festive celebrations we recently took a brief trip to Rome for the Elite Designers Christmas party.  Judging by the sheer scale and beauty of what remains today, the Romans were well served from ancient times by the wise people charged with the city's planning and development.  Any capital would be proud to lay claim to a fraction of Rome's stunning legacy and in the short time available to us we were pretty challenged to do justice to even a fraction of what is there to explore.  However, fuelled by espresso, gelato and fear of missing out, we threw ourselves into a frenzy of sightseeing which took in the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.   And with the benefit of some local knowledge - thanks to our lovely Italian colleagues - we found our way to some amazing cafes and restaurants.   

Thank you Rome for a Christmas to remember.

Happy Christmas to all - Buon Natale a Tutti!




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