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Elite Designers recently co-hosted an evening of wine tasting and collaboration at the stunning Kitchen Architecture showroom in Putney.  Our fellow hosts were Kitchen Architecture and Spiral Cellars  Elite Designers has a long and happy association with both companies and the evening provided a welcome escape from the dreary weather and all matters virus-related.

The session was guided masterfully by wine expert John Stimpfig of Decanter magazine and the Financial Times and appropriately enough, given how many we design each year, was held in the basement of the Kitchen Architecture showroom, which was also designed by us.  The basement features a very impressive spiral wine cellar with a capacity of some 1900 bottles, which should be more than enough to see even the most enthusiastic oenophile through a period of self-quarantine, however long.  Elite Designers has worked with Spiral Cellars for many, many years, producing all of the structural calculations for their wine cellar installations.

Huge thanks to Hoban Design, Dyer Grimes Architecture, Wimshurst Pelleriti, Beaufort Construction London, Albyns, Rubix, Jo Cowen Architects, Roxburgh Construction and 4C Developments for joining us and of course to our fantastic co-hosts - Kitchen Architecture and Spiral Cellars - for helping to make it such a success.

Photo credit: Michael Maynard Photography



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