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Flat to home conversion creates space for modern living

This project started life as two unloved flats which the owners wished to convert back into a family home, enhanced by a significant extension and a total refurbishment inside and out.

To fully optimise the site's potential and the property's sleeping and living accommodation, the original building was extended and a substantial basement was excavated, filling the entire floor plan and reaching into the original garden.  The integrity of the existing structure was maintained through a process of sequenced underpinning of individual sections of the building which allowed structural supports to be installed as the excavation proceeded. The end result was a generously proportioned, light-filled family home on a beautifully landscaped site.

Elite Designers has extensive experience in the design and detailing of basement structures having successfully completed multiple single, double and triple level projects across most central London boroughs including many with particularly onerous planning requirements such as Kensington & Chelsea, Camden and Westminster.  Having completed so many basement projects we are well versed in the factors which govern the delivery of a successful basement project.  Our vast reserves of experience and expertise inform the tailored approach we take to each new basement assignment.  We are acutely aware that every prospective basement has individual considerations unique to itself and governed by questions such as the building age and condition, soil and ground type, legacy issues related to the history of the building and the surrounding locality, proximity to neighbouring buildings, trees, utilities, water pipes, transport infrastructure, World War II bomb sites etc as well as local planning requirements and building restrictions.  Through our work in densely developed London boroughs we are also accustomed to addressing party wall matters and other legal challenges as well as the normal, understandable queries which are raised by neighbours concerned about the potential impact of a basement excavation on their own homes. 

When space is at a premium it is always worth considering whether a basement excavation might be the solution to your problem.  And when undertaking a basement project it is prudent to verify that all of the construction professionals involved are experts with an established track record in the delivery of successful basement extensions.


Architect Dyer Grimes Architecture

Contractor 4C Developments

Photography David Butler Photography

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